Hiking & Biking

Ranging from casual beach paths in Wailea to rewarding treks into the crater of Haleakalā on the Sliding Sands Trail, Maui has some of the most sublime nature walks and hiking trails on Earth. Pass through cloudy mist and redwoods at the Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area & Kula Forest Reserve on trails that welcome even the most amateur of adventurers. For bikers, one of the most exciting experiences on Maui is biking down all 10,000 thrilling feet of Haleakalā.

Haleakalā National Park


Revered National Park home to the dormant Haleakalā Volcano and endangered nēnē (Hawaiian geese). The Leleiwi and Kalahaku overlooks along the steep Crater Road and have views across the West Maui Mountains, while trails in the Summit District pass cinder cones and lava flows. In the coastal area of Kīpahulu are the Pools of Ohe’o, freshwater pools and waterfalls set amid bamboo forest.

Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area


The Polipoli Spring State Recreation Area is a state park about ten miles from Kula up the slope of Haleakalā. It covers about 10 acres of the 21,000-acre Kula Forest Reserve.

Kula Forest Reserve


Established in 1912, this forest reserve offers an access road and a series of hiking trails.